Do you Spit Or Drip?

McNett Sea Drops

Now we’re not talking about any personal problems here but about how you prefer to prepare your mask before scuba diving or snorkelling. In the olden days everyone used good old fashioned saliva to keep their diving mask from clouding over with condensation but these days we have a choice.

Many still stick with spitting into the mask but increasingly more people are switching to the more hygienic method of using a product such as Sea Drops. This is a more hygienic way to prepare your mask and it also is much more appealing when trying to impress that new dive buddy in your life. For the forgetful amongst us there is the down side of being able to forget your sea drops but hopefully you will always have some spit available apart from in those very dry mouthed moments.

A final word of caution if you are a using the original spitting method, watch out for high winds and a leeward buddy!

NB:If you are a snorkeller and unfamiliar with what we are talking about here, it could well be that you are swimming around with a fogged up mask. Before getting in the water you must prepare it by either spitting into it or applying an anti-fog solution. This ideally should be done before getting the mask wet. You then need to rinse this out before donning your mask and exploring the underwater world.