10 Top Scuba Diving Tips

Here are some scuba diving tips from Mickee, just one of our expert divers here at www.watersportswarehouse.co.uk.

Dive tip #1
“ If you usually dive in fresh water but are planning a dive trip to the sea don’t forget to adjust your weights.”
Dive tip #2
“ Don’t overtighten – a common misconception when putting on your dive/snorkel mask is that you need to have the strap really tight. The more you tighten the strap the more wrinkles it will cause on your face which will in turn cause more water leakage. If your mask is leaking try loosening the strap not tightening it.”
Dive tip #3
“ O’Rings: If you have a dive torch or camera with an o’ring you may (see manufacturers instructions) need to use silicone grease on it. Only use the silicone sparingly, too much will attract sand and grime which may cause the o’ring to leak.”
Dive tip #4
“ Always plan your deepest dive of the day first, and make any subsequent dives progressively shallower. ”
Dive tip #5
“ Always dive with a buddy and stay close enough to give each other assistance, even if they’re ugly!! ”
Dive tip #6
“ When you dive with a buddy make sure you come back up with the same one you went down with. ”
Dive tip #7
“ If you are lucky enough to be diving in an area where you may see sharks, remember to remove any shiny or dangling jewellery before the dive”
Dive tip #8
“ The golden rule of Scuba Diving is breath continually, never hold your breath. The second less well known one is you must be colour co-ordinated otherwise you will give the fish a headache :) ”
Dive tip #9
True or False: if your buddy is swimming faster than you, you should speed up and keep pace with them even if it is making you out of breath..?
Answer: False get your buddy (even if they're ugly) to slow down to your speed

Dive tip #10
Even if you have splashed out and treated yourself to the most expensive all singing and dancing gauges they won't help if you don't pay any attention to what they are telling you.

Have you got any good diving tips of your own? Comment below to share your own tips with us and our readers