What's In Your Save A Dive Kit?

Watersports Warehouse | 17/12/2010

There you are sitting on the boat after a long week at work. The visibility looks great and its flat calm. The only sounds come from the gentle lapping of the water against the side of the boat. You have just been briefed and the dive is one you have been waiting to do for ages. You start kitting up and go through buddy checks then finally pull on your fins. SNAP the strap goes! Is this the end of your dive?

Not if you have a spare in your save a dive kit.

So what else should you have?

Spare straps for masks, fins and knives are essential. Spare regulator mouthpieces would also be useful. Keeping a complete replacement fin strap & buckle set may also save you time but make sure its the correct fit. Even if you only hire your cylinders it is still worth having spare Tank O Rings they are inexpensive and can make the difference between getting in the water or not. Having the odd spare lanyard or two may also be a good idea particularly if you may hire some gear. A high pressure hose is also something that might be worth including in your kit.

Divers Tool Kit

There are a range of scuba divers tools on the market now which are well worth keeping alongside your save a dive kit and should help you cope with most eventualities.

You could also make yourself the most popular person on the dive boat. Think of it as a way to meet new people!

So what are you waiting for, change your fin strap and come in out of the dry.