A Breath of Fresh Or Hot Air?


From commercial space flight to Elon Musks Xprize star trek tricorder, inventions seemingly plucked out of the future are making there way slowly but surely off the pages of a sci-fi book and into reality.

The next step into the future comes in the form of ‘Triton’, a gadget from South Korea that enables you to breath underwater without the aid of tanks or a re-breather. Pictured below, its a concept device being developed that strips the oxygen out of the water to effectively act a gills. The concept first grabbed the imaginations in James Bond ‘Thunderball’ and now designer Jeabyun Yeon is trying to make it for real.

Whilst the future remains bright but thankfully ever distant, we here at watersports warehouse retain a healthy distrust of the unknown and will remain sceptic and verbally abusive until the Triton goes into production, at which time we will claim that we always knew it would work and we supported the concept from the off.