Lifejackets, Where’s Yours When You’re Out Sailing?

Lifejackets by Crewsaver

Am I the only one amongst us feeling at times self conscious, at other times disbelieving? I’m referring to when out on our boat on a beautiful day, and wearing my lifejacket. Sometimes I get that feeling that the crew of the boat passing, resplendent in there fashionable casuals and sun cream, are laughing at us for wearing our lifejackets all be it over our one time fashionable casuals and sun cream.

On other occasions I’ve seen boats, tossing about on a confused sea, kids yelling with excitement as their bow crashes through another wave, and not a lifejacket in sight! Incredible stupidity, I think to myself, and usually mutter to my crew. Even allowing that they may all be more experienced sailors than me, shouldn’t they really be wearing lifejackets?

So here’s the debate, should lifejackets be worn all the time whilst the boat is moving or whilst we are moving around on the boat, or just to hand, to show we’ve thought about safety? For us, part of getting ready to leave the marina, before casting off, is to put our lifejackets on. Maybe in the past they were cumbersome, uncomfortable and liable to get in the way, but not so with modern life jackets. We use Crewsaver Crewfit jackets for our coastal exploits, light comfortable and unobtrusive, and worn whatever the weather or conditions.

The RNLI have been telling us for some time, don’t just carry lifejackets onboard, wear them!