A Peek Into Some Of Our Key Suppliers

A peek into the background of some of our key suppliers, starting with...

C-Skins, The Independent Wetsuit Company

C-Skins Calm Waters

One of a small number of the UK’s remaining original surf brands and probably the only one that can truly call itself, Cornish. It's Founder, Carey Brown was instrumental in designing and manufacturing the first ever surfing steamers in Europe, some 30 years ago. Carey has been closely involved with the industry ever since and, as a result, C-Skins has remained true to their roots and proudly boast creating “the best surfing wetsuits on the planet.” A great family owned and run company, with worldwide appeal, superb products and an ever increasing range.

But did you know...

  • Carey originally worked out of his garden shed with the help of his uncle Dennis, when he first started designing and manufacturing wetsuits.
  • They were the first wetsuit company to perform tests on a wetsuit in a climatic wind tunnel.
  • Their wetsuits are cold water developed to bring you the warmest wetsuits on the planet and proudly created with only surfers in mind.
  • They are shaping the way forward in neoprene wetsuit design with their innovative designs and have a no-compromise attitude to quality, workmanship and value for money.
  • Although being involved in the wetsuit/surfing industry since the early 70's, C-Skins was not founded until 1997.

View our range of C-Skins products here.


Mares Scuba Diving

Mares are Italian to the core. For over 60 years Mares have produced some of the world’s most prized scuba, snorkelling and freediving gear. From those early days in 1949, founder Ludovico Mares began production in his small factory in Rapallo, Italy and Mares has since dominated the world of scuba diving. Mares’ incredible range of equipment now covers a vast range of water sports, including swimming, snorkelling, freediving and scuba diving.

But did you know...

  • Ludovico Mares was an Italian freediving champion having gained most of his experience as a diver during World War II serving in the Austrian Navy.
  • He was also the person who sanctioned the success of the pneumatic gun for underwater fishing in the sixties
  • Mares is internationally recognized as the leading company in the manufacturing of diving products and has gained the title of 'world's first' diving gear.
  • Ludovico sold the company in 1971 and it is now owned by Head N.V., but continues to manufacture it's products and have its headquarters based in Italy.

View our range of Mares products here.