More Cressi Products Than You Can Shake A Fish At!

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Our humongous Cressi pre-order for 2014 has now been delivered to the warehouse, all 289 boxes arrived first thing on a Monday morning. As you can imagine the warehouse boys were delighted beyond belief at the prospect of unpacking it all and organising the products with their usual efficiency. “Yippee” they shouted “let’s get stuck in!”

Whilst usually losing sight of the warehouse staff under a pile of boxes is normally beneficial to ones wellbeing, and keeps them out of mischief for a few hours, having them disappear under a huge delivery of new Cressi products is un-nerving for a few reasons;

  1. They could be anywhere and pop up at any moment without warning
  2. They make lots of strange noises
  3. When they eventually surface, they tend to have a strange aroma surrounding them, neoprene, silicone, glue? hmm...

However there are positives to be drawn from this, we now have huge amount of Cressi products, new products and some which are so new we are the first to stock them in the UK!!!!

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