So What's The Big Debate About Spilt Fins Vs Non-Split Fins?

Watersports Warehouse | 15/09/2010
Tusa Split Fins

For those people who have tried and used Split fins on the whole they love them and wouldn’t go back to non-Split Fins. They seem to produce so much more propulsion for the effort involved.

The Split in the fin blade forces water through on the downward fin kick so there’s less pressure on the blade helping to reduce possible muscle fatigue by reducing drag. The result is a more efficient fin kick. Some manufacturers refer to the design as Natures Wing or Propeller fin technology amongst others, either way Split Fins do work.

The technology has been around now for a few years so there’s got to be something in it – indeed Mares, who resisted producing a Split Fin for so long, now have the X-One Split Fins for snorkelling and Tusa have the X-Pert Evolution Fins for diving and for snorkelling/warm water diving.

It’s almost like the Marmite debate – you’ll either get on with them or you won’t. Although, if you haven’t got a strong finning technique you may find you’ll get more out of a Split fin than a non-Split Fin.

Have you tried split fins or do you prefer to stick to traditional non-split fins?

Image courtesy of Tusa