Aqua Sphere

Aqua Sphere Swimming Equipment

Aqua Sphere began in 1998 in Italy, and produce some of the world's most recognised swimming goggles. Initially creating the Aqua Sphere Seal swim mask which introduced a revolutionary type of eyewear featuring curved lenses for increased peripheral vision and a superb comfortable seal.

Aqua Sphere’s continued innovation can be found throughout their extensive range of swimming goggles, wetsuits and its superb body shaping swimwear and the first swimming compression textiles as worn by recreational and professional swimmers and triathletes worldwide.

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Aqua Spere Amy Rash Guard

Aqua Sphere Amy UV50 Rash Guard

RRP: £25.99
Aqua Sphere Swimming Shorts

Aqua Sphere Coach Swimming Shorts

Aqua Sphere Marley Kids Jammers

Aqua Sphere Boys Marley Jammer

Aqua Sphere Swimming Jammers for Men

Aqua Sphere Swimming Jammers

Aquasphere Aqua Fun Swimming Noodle

Aquasphere Aqua Fun Noodle

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Aqua Sphere Erika Swimming Costume | Green

Aqua Sphere Erika Swimsuit

RRP: £25.99
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Aqua Sphere Safran Swimming Costume

Aqua Sphere Women's Safran Swimsuit

RRP: £26.00
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Aquasphere Stingray Long Sleeved Swimsuit

Childrens Aqua Sphere Stingray Long Sleeved Shorty

RRP: £29.99
Aqua Sphere Mississippi Swim Shorts

Aqua Sphere Mississippi Swim Shorts