Wetsuits for Men

Wetsuits for Men

Founded in 1946 by two brothers Egidio and Nanni Cressi, they skillfully produced handcrafted equipment on a small scale, with Egidio personally testing all the equipment and carrying out many of the first sea trials.

The original principles of attention to detail and quality standards are still relevant today and Antonio Cressi, son and nephew of the founders, continues to personally test many of Cressi's new products.

Cressi Termico Swim Wetsuit

Cressi Mens 2mm Termico Swim Shortie Wetsuit

RRP: £100.00
Cressi Neptune Swim Wetsuit

Size Guide: Cressi Wetsuits Men

RRP: £245.00
Product Video Available
Cressi Playa 2.5mm Shortie Wetsuit

Cressi Playa 2.5mm Shorty Wetsuit

RRP: £73.00
Cressi Medas 5mm Mens 2-Piece Wetsuit

Cressi Medas 5mm Mens 2-Piece Wetsuit

RRP: £174.00
Product Video Available
Mens Cressi Castoro Wetsuit

Cressi Castoro 5mm Mens Wetsuit

RRP: £145.00
Cressi Med X Shorty Wetsuit

Cressi Med X 2.5mm Shorty Wetsuit

RRP: £78.00