Gill Marine Wetsuits

From shorts, trousers, tops, long-johns to hikers or full suits, Gill Marine's range of neoprene wetsuits for men are sure to keep you warm and dry when out on your boat or dinghy.

With the emphasis on flexibility, freedom of movement and comfort their range is very popular with sailors of all abilities.

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Gill Mens Speedskin Trousers

Gill Mens Speedskin Neoprene Trousers

RRP: £69.00
Kids Speedskin 3/2mm Neoprene Sailing Trousers

Kids Gill Speedskin Neoprene Sailing Trousers

RRP: £45.00
Gill Mens Speedskin Shorts

Gill Mens Speedskin Neoprene Sailing Shorts

RRP: £55.00