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Mares Boots, Hoods & Gloves

Mares manufacture a great range of neoprene boots, hoods and gloves to cater for all your water sports needs.

Mares uses durable, flexible and comfortable fabric to make, what we consider to be, some of the best wetsuit boots, hoods and gloves on the market today.

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Mares Classic 5mm Wetsuit Diving Boots

Mares Classic 5mm Dive Boots

RRP: £35.00
Mares Equator Wetsuit Boots

Mares Equator Dive Ankle Boots - 2mm Neoprene

RRP: £18.00
Mares Flexa Touch 2mm Neoprene Gloves

Mares Flexa Touch 2mm Wetsuit Gloves

RRP: £26.00
Mares Flexa Zipped Dive Boots 5mm

Mares Flexa DS 5mm Diving Boots

RRP: £55.00
Mares Flexa Classic Gloves

Mares Flexa Classic 3mm Neoprene Gloves

RRP: £18.00
Mares Flexa Fit 5mm Diving Gloves

Mares Flexa Fit 5mm Diving Gloves

RRP: £35.00