Vision bodyboards & accessories

Vision offer a great range of bodyboards for recreational use for the whole family. Sturdy boards and ergonomic shaping will ensure you get the most out of every wave.

We've been selling Vision range for over 10 years and they have proven to be our most popular range of boards. Board sizes from 22in for toddlers up to the average 42in board for the grown ups.

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Vision Blade Bodyboard Fins

Vision Blade Bodyboard Fins with Fin Retainers Ankle Tethers

RRP: £33.00
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Vision Matrix Bodyboard Fins

Vision Matrix Bodyboard Fins

RRP: £25.00
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Vision Ignite 36 kids Bodyboard

Vision Ignite 36 Junior Bodyboard

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Vision Razor 36 Kids Bodyboard

Vision Razor 36 Junior Bodyboard

Vision  Coiled Wrist Bodyboard Leash

Vision Coiled Bodyboard Leash

Vision Straight Wrist Bodyboard Leash

Vision Bodyboard Leash Straight

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Vision Nipper Trainee Lifeguard 34 Inch Bodyboard

Vision Nipper 34 Trainee Lifeguard Bodyboard

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Vision Dumper Mini Bodyboard Hand Plane 16

RRP: £25.00
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Vision Fuse 45 Inch Bodyboard

Vision Fuse 45 Adult Bodyboard

Vision Nipper Trainee Lifeguard 22 Inch Bodyboard

Vision Nipper 22 Trainee Lifeguard Bodyboard