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Scuba Diving Equipment

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Watersports Warehouse stock a range of scuba diving hardware including everything you need to equip yourself for recreational scuba diving. In this section you will find BCD's regulators, gauges, dive computers and more. Our range of BCD's from Mares and Cressi offer lightweight kit for the travelling diver through to more heavy duty jackets for those intending to do lots of diving or perhaps becoming Divemasters or Instructors. Our range of scuba regulators from Mares and Cressi include lightweight options to use less of your baggage allowance, and regulators up to the rigors of very cold water diving. You can also find a range of gauges for whatever configuration of pressure, depth and compass you want.
Cressi XS Compact MC9 Regulator
£215.00 RRP £243.00
Cressi Dive Computer Bag
£12.95 RRP £14.00
Cressi Moby 5 Diving Bag 115L
£149.95 RRP £202.00
Cressi 360 Regulator Bag
£27.95 RRP £34.00
Cressi Corsica Snorkel
£13.95 RRP £17.00
Cressi Alpha Ultra Dry Snorkel
£24.95 RRP £29.00
Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Mask
£47.95 RRP £57.00
Cressi Air Black Diving Mask
£55.95 RRP £66.00
Cressi Air Crystal Diving Mask
£55.95 RRP £66.00
Cressi Superocchio Diving Mask
£33.95 RRP £42.00
Cressi F1 Dive Mask
£34.99 RRP £44.00
Cressi Leonardo Dive Computer
£149.99 RRP £209.00
Cressi Neon Dive Computer
£255.00 RRP £276.00
Cressi Aquaride BCD
£280.00 RRP £352.00
Cressi Air Travel BCD
£255.00 RRP £335.00
Cressi Travelight BCD
£295.00 RRP £335.00