Gift Ideas for Snorkellers

Gift ideas for the Snorkeller in your life. If you are looking for snorkelling gifts but donít know where to start our Gift suggestions may help. From snorkelling kit for youngsters to full face snorkelling masks and underwater cameras we can help you decide.

We also sell Gift Vouchers for use online if you're really not sure. If you still need some help deciding you can speak with our team on 01736 751066 or email us at

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SilverLabel Focus Action Camera 720p

SilverLabel Focus Action Camera 720p

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Cressi Perla & Gamma Adult Snorkel Set

Cressi Perla & Gamma Snorkelling Set

RRP: £27.99
Watersports Warehouse Gift Vouchers

Watersports Warehouse E-Gift Vouchers from £10

£10.00 - £150.00
Product Video Available
Cressi Palau Snorkelling Fins

Cressi Palau Snorkelling Fins

RRP: £29.00
Mares Superchannel Fins

Mares Avanti Superchannel Snorkelling & Diving Fins

RRP: £55.00
Mares Ergo Dry Top Purge Valve Snorkel

Mares Ergo Dry Snorkel

RRP: £32.00
Mares Pirate Kids Mask & Snorkel Set

Mares Pirate Kids Mask and Snorkel Set Pink

Cressi Reef Beach Shoes

Cressi Reef Beach Shoe

Waterproof W30 Ladies Shortie Wetsuits

Ladies Waterproof W30 2.5mm Shorty Wetsuit

Waterproof W30 2.5mm Mens Wetsuit

Waterproof W30 Wetsuit 2.5mm

Waterproof R30 UV50 Ladies Rash Vest

Waterproof R30 Rash Vest UV50 Ladies Long Sleeve

Marine Fish & Invertebrates of Northern Europe

Marine Fish & Invertebrates of Northern Europe Guide book

Mares Manta Fins for Snorkelling

Mares Manta Full Foot Snorkelling Fins

Tusa Solla Full Foot Fins

Tusa Solla Fins for Snorkelling and Diving

RRP: £46.50
Product Video Available
Cressi Alpha Dry Snorkel

Cressi Alpha Ultra Dry Snorkel

RRP: £27.00
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Product Video Available
iQ Mens UV 300 Overall

iQ Mens UV300 Rash Suit

RRP: £71.00
Ladies iQ UV300 iQ Ladies Leggings

UV300 iQ Ladies Leggings

RRP: £35.00
UV300 Short Sleeve Rash Vest

iQ UV300 Short Sleeve Watersports Rash Vest

RRP: £35.95
Cressi Big Eyes Evo & Kappa Ultra Dry Set

Cressi Big Eyes Evo Mask & Alpha Ultra Dry Snorkel

RRP: £70.00
 Swimcell Waterproof Case | Large

Swimcell Large Waterproof Phone Case

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TUSA Mesh Backpack

TUSA Mesh Backpack

RRP: £49.50
Product Video Available
Aquapac Trailproof 15L Dry Bag

Aquapac Trailproof 15L Waterproof Dry Bag

Product Video Available
Aquapac Trailproof 25L Dry Bag

Aquapac Trailproof 25L Waterproof Dry Bag

RRP: £27.99
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SilverLabel Focus Action Camera 1080p

SilverLabel Focus Action Camera 1080p HD Video

RRP: £89.99
Cressi Minifog Anti-fog Sponge 15ml

Cressi Minifog Anti-fog for Masks Sponge Applicator

Beach Towelling Changing Robe

Gul Beach Towelling Changing Robe


Mares Pirate Mask & X-One Fins Snorkelling Set for Juniors

RRP: £45.00

Gul Power Glove 3mm

dryrobe Kid's Advanced Short Sleeve

dryrobe Kid's Advance Short Sleeve Dryrobe Changing Robe

Product Video Available
Cressi Big Eyes Evo Diving and Snorkelling Mask

Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Mask

RRP: £56.00
Dive the Isles of Scilly Guide Book | Scuba Diving Books

Underwater Scilly By Tim Allsop & Anna Cawthray

Cressi Sub Ondina VIP Kids mask & Snorkel Set

Cressi Ondina VIP Snorkelling Set for Children

RRP: £23.00
Product Video Available
SurfEars ear plugs

SurfEars Ear Plugs for Surf Ears

dryrobe Advanced Short Sleeve

dryrobe Advance Short Sleeve Adult Changing Robe

£90.00 - £110.00
Mares X-One Split Fins

Mares X-One Split Snorkelling Fins

RRP: £32.00
dryrobe Advanced Long Sleeve

dryrobe Advance Long Sleeve Adult Changing Robe

£110.00 - £130.00
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