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Scuba diving accessories, we have a great selection for you to choose from including clips, slates, whistles and safety equipment, everything you need to improve your diving experience.

If you have any questions about our scuba diving accessories range, please feel free to call our experienced PADI qualified team who are here to help.

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Fourth Element Dive Towel

Fourth Element Drysuit Diver Towel

Beaver Equipment Hanger

Beaver Dive Gear Equipment Hanger

Sea Drops Mask Clear Anti-Fog & Lens Cleaner

McNett Sea Drops Anti-Fog & Lens Cleaner

Cressi Anti-Fog Spray

Cressi Goggle Anti-Fog Spray


Swim-Eze Ear Drying Aid

Bowstone Dive Tool Pouch

Bowstone Large Dive Tool Pouch

Bowstone Leg Diving Pouch

Bowstone Divers Leg Pouch

RRP: £20.00
Fourth Element Beach Towel | Front

Fourth Element Beach Towel

Earol Swim Tea Tree Oil

Earol Swim Tea Tree Oil - Ear Drops

Rubber Knife Leg Strap

Beaver Divers Knife Rubber Leg Straps - Pair

 Fourth Element Changing Mat

Fourth Element Changing Mat

Product Video Available
Lifesystems Reusable Hand Wamers

LifeSystems Reusable Hand Warmers

Apeks Dry Suit Valves and Inflator Hose - UK Shopping

Apeks Dry Suit Valves and Inflation Hose

£19.95 - £29.99
Apeks Drysuit Cuff Dump

Apeks Drysuit Cuff Dump

Din Scuba Diving Regulator Dust Cap | Black

MGE DIN Dive Regulator Dust Cap

Foam Key Ring - UK Shopping

Foam Floating Key Rings

LifeVenture Giant Softfibre Trek Towel

LifeVenture Giant Softfibre Trek Towel

iQ Key Ring Floaty Foam, Fish 'n Flower

iQ Fish 'n' Flower Key Ring

iQ Phone Charms

iQ Mobile Phone or Handbag Charm

Mares Drysuit Hanger

Mares Drysuit Hanger

RRP: £14.00
Gill Marine Glasses Travel Case

Gill Sunglasses Travel Case

Hoses Diving Regulators, BCD's

Hoses: BCDs, Dive Regulators, Gauges etc.

£16.99 - £30.00
Beaver Air Inflation Nozzle

Beaver Air Inflation Nozzle

Bulldog Vehicle Key Security Safe

Bulldog Key Security Lockbox

McNett Nitestik Light Stick Keyring

McNett Ni Glo Gear Marker Light Stick

Replacement Fin Buckles for Cressi Palau & Cressi Palau SAF Fins

Fin Buckle for Cressi Palau & Cressi Palau SAF Fins

RRP: £8.50
Replacement Fin Strap for Cressi Palau & Cressi Palau SAF Fins

Fin Strap for Cressi Palau & Cressi Palau SAF Fins

RRP: £7.18
LifeVenture SoftFibre Advance Trek Towel - Large - Blue

LifeVenture SoftFibre Large Trek Towel

Mares Compact Dive Reel

Mares Compact Dive Reel

RRP: £26.00
Delayed SMB & Reel Divers Package Deal

MGE Dive Reel and Bowstone Delayed Divers SMB Package

RRP: £81.94
Mares Diver Below Torpedo SMBs

Mares Diver Below Torpedo Surface Marker Buoy (SMB)

RRP: £15.00
Mares Diver Alert Delayed Diving SMB

Mares Diver Below Delayed SMB

RRP: £63.00
Mares Add-on BCD Pouch

Mares BCD Add-on Pouch

RRP: £18.00
Bowstone Self-Sealing mini SMB

Bowstone Self-Sealing Mini SMB

Beaver Guardian Scuba Divers Knife

Beaver Guardian Rescue Dive Knife

Bowstone Dive SMB

Bowstone Delayed Dive Surface Marker Buoy (SMB)

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