Scuba Diving SMB's, Reels & Safety Items

We have in-stock a large range of SMBs (Surface marker Buoys), reels and scuba safety equipment at great prices.

Our selection of diving equipment includes divers tools, mini tool kit, scuba multitool and safety SMB's and reels from Watersports Warehouse.

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Mares Compact Dive Reel

Mares Compact Dive Reel

RRP: £26.00
Delayed SMB & Reel Divers Package Deal

MGE Dive Reel and Bowstone Delayed Divers SMB Package

RRP: £81.94
Mares Diver Below Torpedo SMBs

Mares Diver Below Torpedo Surface Marker Buoy (SMB)

RRP: £14.00
Mares Diver Alert Delayed Diving SMB

Mares Diver Below Delayed SMB

RRP: £61.00
3 metre Scuba Divers Buddy Line with Snap Hooks

Beaver Buddy Line 3m with Snap Hooks

Mares Add-on BCD Pouch

Mares BCD Add-on Pouch

RRP: £18.00
Bowstone Self-Sealing mini SMB

Bowstone Self-Sealing Mini SMB

Bowstone Dive SMB

Bowstone Delayed Dive Surface Marker Buoy (SMB)

Beaver Guardian Scuba Divers Knife

Beaver Guardian Rescue Dive Knife

Bowstone Divers Emergency Flag | Flo Orange

Bowstone Emergency Pop Up Flag

Bowstone  Triangular SMB

Bowstone Triangular Surface Marker Buoy (SMB)

RRP: £24.99
Inflatable SMB

Beaver Round Inflatable SMB

MGE Scuba Divers SMB Wreck Reel | Yellow

MGE SMB / Wreck Dive Reel

Beaver Air Inflation Nozzle

Beaver Air Inflation Nozzle

Bowstone Divers Pop-Up A-Flag

Bowstone Pop-Up A-Flag

Bowstone Divers A Flag

Bowstone Divers A Flags various sizes from

£11.99 - £13.99
Pocket Mask with O2 Inlet

Beaver E.A.R. Pocket Mask with O2 Inlet

Product Video Available
LifeSystems Waterproof First Aid Kit

LifeSystems Waterproof First Aid Kit

Product Video Available
LifeSystems Light and Dry Micro First Aid

LifeSystems Light and Dry MICRO First Aid Kit

EFR Barrier Keyring with Gloves

PADI EFR Face Shield Barrier Keyring & Gloves

Product Video Available
Dive Alert Plus Emergency Signalling Device

Dive Alert Plus Air Horn Version 2

Surface Safety Whistle

Beaver BCD Safety Whistle

High Pitch Survival Whistle

Beaver High Pitch Survival Emergency Safety Whistle

Mares Magnetic Shaker

Mares Magnetic Shaker Scuba Rattle

RRP: £28.00
Stainless Steel Scuba Rattle

Beaver Stainless Steel Scuba Rattle

RRP: £21.95
Stainless Steel Scuba Rattle and Pointer

Beaver Stainless Steel Scuba Rattle and Pointer

Scuba Tank Banger

Beaver Tank Banger Underwater Signalling Device

Clearance Item
Guardian Dual Mode Divers Light

Guardian Dual Mode Light

RRP: £14.95
Mares Marker Flashing Dive Light Stick

Mares Marker Flashing Dive Light Stick

RRP: £18.00
Scuba Diving Multi-tool

Beaver Scuba Diving Multi-tool

Mares Scuba Divers Tool kit

Mares Scuba Divers Tool Kit

RRP: £26.00
Compressed Air Cylinder Sticker

Compressed Gas Stickers

£1.85 - £2.50
Beaver Octopus Plug

Beaver Octopus Plug