Prescription/Corrective Vision Lenses for Dive Masks


CHOOSING YOUR MASK AND PRESCRIPTION LENSES - The corrective vision lenses we supply from stock are for short sighted vision, shown as a minus figure in the Sphere part of your prescription. We stock Corrective Vision lenses (short sightedness) for a range of suitable masks from TUSA, including the TUSA Geminus mask, TUSA Platina, TUSA Splendive II, and the latest TUSA Freedom Ceos mask, from -1.0 upwards available as indicated. We also stock minus prescription lenses for the Mares X-Vision Ultra Liquidskin, Mares X-Vision Liquidskin, Mares X-Vision & the Mares X-Vu and Mares X-Vu Liquidskin masks.

If you require corrective lenses for 'plus prescription' or 'bi-focal' these may also be available for a limited range of the TUSA masks. We also have reading/magnification lenses available to 'stick' in a mask. IF THE LENS YOU REQUIRE ISN'T LISTED DO PLEASE PHONE FOR ADVICE. There are a few examples below of sets including options for corrective vision lenses for short sightedness (please scroll down the page to view). Having chosen your mask simply choose the appropriate lenses from those below. Your prescription should show a minus figure (eg -2.5) in the 'Sphere' section for each eye, left and right. If you need to account for a high astigmatism level or 'ADD' for reading you may require further advice from your optician to confirm your requirements.

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