Another Peek Into Our Key Suppliers
Watersports Warehouse | 24/03/2016

Another peek into the background of two more of our key suppliers... Cressi, formerly Cressi-Sub Founded in 1946 [...]

A Peek Into Some Of Our Key Suppliers
Watersports Warehouse | 18/03/2016

A peek into the background of some of our key suppliers, starting with... C-Skins, The Independent Wetsuit Company [...]

Lifejackets, Where’s Yours When You’re Out Sailing?
Mike George | 12/02/2016

Am I the only one amongst us feeling at times self conscious, at other times disbelieving? I’m referring to when o[...]

Skydiving in to the Famous Blue Hole in Belize
Watersports Warehouse | 28/10/2014

The only way for this video to be improved upon is for them to land and then wrestle a shark... whilst on fire... Ne[...]

Huge….. Really Huge Statue Unveiled!
Watersports Warehouse 27/10/2014

Just off the coast of New Providence, Bahamas, Jason deCaires Taylor’s ‘Ocean Atlas’ has been put in place. What a stu[...]

Chinese Underwater City Might Become Reality!
Watersports Warehouse | 24/10/2014

Looking around at my co-workers, I’m no stranger to things that are a little far fetched, but this is really cool! A[...]

Fancy Scuba Diving In A Flooded Valley?
Watersports Warehouse | 22/10/2014

Marc Henauer took some amazing pictures of Green Lake in Tragoess, Austria, which floods to a huge extent [...]

A breath of fresh air…. Underwater?
Watersports Warehouse | 15/10/2014

Researchers from the University of Southern Denmark have created a crystalline material that can absorb and store [...]

Robot Octopus
Watersports Warehouse | 1/10/2014

They’ve invented the Robot Octopus…… and why wouldn’t you! They are a little short on ideas of application but dam[...]

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