C-Skins Surfing Gear

One of a small number of the UK’s remaining original surf brands and probably the only one that can truly call itself, Cornish. Founder, Carey Brown was instrumental in designing and manufacturing the first ever surfing steamers in Europe, some 30 years ago. Carey has been closely involved with the industry ever since and, as a result, C-Skins has remained true to their roots and proudly boast creating “the best surfing wetsuits on the planet.” Great family owned and run company, with worldwide appeal, superb products and an ever increasing range.

C-Skins Star Buys
C-Skins Adult Towelling Beach Changing Robe
C-Skins Towel Beach Robe

C-Skins Hooded Towelling Changing / Beach Robe, superb one-size fits all (adults) quality towelling Changing Robe

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