Childrens Snorkelling Footwear

We stock a great selection of children's snorkeling footwear boots & shoes, super for warmth, comfort and protection. For protection against cuts stings snorkelling boots also keep your feet toasty warm.

If you have any questions about our range of kids snorkeling footwear, feel free to call our experienced team for advice.

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Junior Gul Power Slipper 3mm Wetsuit Shoes

Junior Gul Power Slipper 3mm Wetsuit Shoes

RRP: £12.50
Clearance Item
Gul Childrens Beach Shoes

Childrens Gul G-Force Beach and Pool Shoes

RRP: £6.50
Cressi Reef Beach Shoes

Cressi Reef Beach Shoe

CSkins Legend 3mm Childrens Neoprene Beach Slipper

C-Skins Legend Kids 3mm Wetsuit Shoes

RRP: £13.50
C-skins Legend Kids Wetsuit Boots - 3.5mm

C-Skins Kids Zipped Legend Boots 3.5mm Neoprene

RRP: £25.00
Gul 4.5mm Neoprene Wetsuit Boots

Gul Childrens 5mm Round Toe Wetsuit Boots

RRP: £17.50
CSkins Legend 3.5mm Childrens Wetsuit Booties

C-Skins Legend 3.5mm Childrens Neoprene Boots

RRP: £20.00