Prescription Goggles

We stock a range of swimming goggles with corrective vision lenses to help swimmers requiring help with distance vision. If you have any query about what goggles you may require please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We stock minus lenses for short sightedness and plus lenses for long sightedness. We only sell quality branded products that we've personally selected based on quality durability and functionality from leading manufacturers ideal for pool swimming, swim training and triathlon. Hypoallergenic gasket, anti-fog lenses, with clear and tinted and UV protection.

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TUSA | Prescription Lens Swim Goggles Kit Blue

Junior TUSA View Opticompo Goggles With Minus Prescription Lenses Kit

TUSA Opticompo Goggles

TUSA Opticompo Goggles With Plus Corrective Lenses Kit

TUSA Opticompo Goggles Minus Lenses

TUSA Opticompo Goggles With Minus Corrective Lenses Kit

View Optical Corrective Goggles

Tusa View Optical Swimming Goggles complete with Corrective Vision Lenses