A Guide to Safer Cold Water Swims
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A Guide to Safer Cold Water Swims

With the anticipation building for the annual New Year cold water swim, the excitement is contagious. However, the team at Watersports Warehouse knows that, fun as the experience may be, safety is paramount. We want to ensure your icy adventure is not only unforgettable but also conducted with the utmost care, enhancing the essence of this Great British tradition. Here's our exclusive guide to guarantee your New Year splash is a chilly triumph.

Precautions for a Safe Plunge:

  1. Mind the Depths: Before diving into the frosty waters, it's essential to be aware of what lies beneath. Submerged rocks or hidden sandbanks can turn your exhilarating dip into a potential hazard. Stay vigilant and choose a safe spot for your plunge.

  2. Ready for Cold Water Shock: The exhilaration of cold water can be breathtaking, literally. For many, it induces cold water shock, making controlled breathing a challenge. Take the plunge gradually, stay within your depth, and keep a watchful eye on younger or less experienced swimmers.

  3. Swim with Watersports Warehouse Style: Embrace the Watersports Warehouse ethos by ensuring your festive cold water dips and swims are a social affair Swim with company, even in remote locations, and bask in the camaraderie. Safety is magnified when shared.

  4. Combat the Afterdrop in Watersports Warehouse Comfort: The adventure continues post-swim, with your body temperature dropping for up to 20 minutes. Safeguard against the afterdrop with Watersports Warehouse-quality gear. Warm up slowly with a hot drink, and cocoon yourself in layers, including a changing robe and a snug hat from our curated selection.

Gear Up Exclusively with Watersports Warehouse:

Elevate your New Year cold water swim with Watersports Warehouse's premium gear. Explore our extensive range of swimming wetsuits, neoprene accessories and swimming goggles. Swim into exclusive offerings here and gear up for a uniquely Watersports Warehouse adventure & #comeinoutofthedry

As you prepare to immerse yourself in the icy waters this New Year, trust the Watersports Warehouse guide for an unparalleled experience. Follow our exclusive precautions, embrace the thrill of the plunge, and make a splash that echoes the spirit of this Great British tradition. 

Stay safe and let Watersports Warehouse be your trusted companion in celebrating the thrill of the chill!