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Mares, always at the forefront of innovation in the world of Scuba Diving and Snorkelling. The Mares brand is synonymous with safety, reliability and quality and is backed by constant research and development to create the best products for recreational and professional divers, snorkelling enthusiasts and freedivers around the world.

Born in 1949 from the passion of Italian Ludovico Mares and still innovating today, the Mares brand continues to research and lead the way with the expertise and professionalism attained over the last 70 years. Every product is Mares to the core and Mares produce the very best dive products available. Just add water!

Mares Classic 5mm Dive Boots
£28.99 RRP £35.00
Mares UV50 Rash Guard Shorts
£19.99 RRP £22.00
Mares Hermes Swim Fins
£15.95 RRP £16.00
Mares Women's UV50 Rash Shorts
£19.99 RRP £22.00
Mares X-One Snorkelling Fins
£26.99 RRP £31.00
Mares Fluida Snorkelling Fins
£19.99 RRP £18.00
Mares X-Stream Fins
£99.00 RRP £155.00
Mares Smart Dive Computer
£195.00 RRP £248.00
Mares Quad Dive Computer
£218.00 RRP £266.00
Mares Dragon SLS BCD
£339.00 RRP £400.00