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Robie Robes was the brainchild of Martyn and Tamsin Tarplee who both grew up on the beaches of West Cornwall, surfing, sailing, diving, swimming and rowing. With the rapid growth in ocean sports and with wetsuit technology enabling whole families to stay in the sea all year around it seemed ridiculous that people were struggling to change in just a towel. In the Autumn of 2007, they designed a robe that would take the hassle out of changing whilst keeping them warm, dry and covered. Since then they have not looked back and the Robie Robe has become a kit bag essential for all those who love the water and the great outdoors.

Being the original Robie, they are sure that with the combination of high quality material and a tried, tested and approved design you will not be disappointed. The cotton is soft and comfortable, and the design loose fitting to ensure that you can dry your whole body, face and hair. The arm holes on the sides are wide enough to enable you to reach for clothes and give ease of movement whilst changing. The length allows you to dry your feet aswell as covering your whole body. Whatever your sport or lifestyle choice, you will find it hard to see how you ever managed without your Robie Robe.

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