Mens UV Protection

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We stock a large variety of UV protection for men, mens UV rash vests, mens UV Rash Suits and mens UV rash Shorts. Extra protection against the suns harmful UV rays with a choice of long sleeved or short sleeve rash vests, shorts and full suits. All items can be worn both on there own or under a wetsuit.Rash vests are great for use under wetsuits to protect your skin from rubbing, also great as a single layer of uv protection for watersports and beach use.

Mares UV50 Rash Guard Shorts
£19.99 RRP £22.00
iQ UV 300 Mens Rash Trousers
£32.99 RRP £35.00
Sold Out
Gill UV50 Rash Vest Long Sleeve
£24.99 RRP £35.00
Gul Xola UV50 Mens Rash Vest
£18.99 RRP £25.00
Gul Xola UV50 Mens Rash Shorts
£22.50 RRP £25.00
iQ Mens UV300 Rash Suit
£59.99 RRP £71.00
Gill Pro UV50 Rash Shorts
£19.99 RRP £30.00