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Perhaps one of the world's most recognised triathlon brand's Orca has a track record of over 20 years as a leading triathlon sports apparel brand. Just as the triathlon embodies endurance, stamina and versatility, so does every piece in the Orca collection.

Orca have worked tirelessly over the past two decades to evolve, innovate and perform with their athletes. Today, Orca is recognized as the preferred brand amongst new entrant and professional triathletes around the globe.

Orca began in 1992, when founder, former triathlon champion Scott Unsworth set up Performance Speedsuits Ltd in his native New Zealand, spurred by a passion to create better, faster wetsuits than those on the market.

Orca SwimRun Core Bottoms
£75.00 RRP £95.00
Orca SwimRun Core Top
£79.99 RRP £89.00
Orca Women's S6 Triathlon Wetsuit
£145.00 RRP £169.00
Orca Transition Bag
£107.00 RRP £119.00
Orca Equip Triathlon Wetsuit
£215.00 RRP £239.00
Orca Neoprene Buoyancy Short
£65.00 RRP £79.00
Orca Swim Run Core Women's Top
£79.99 RRP £89.00
Orca Race Belt with Pocket
£10.99 RRP £14.00
Orca Waterproof Backpack
£59.99 RRP £69.00
Orca Timing Chip Strap
£4.49 RRP £5.00