Cressi Diving & Snorkelling Fins

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We stock a very large range of Cressi fins for snorkelling, scuba diving and free diving. Whatever your sport, you're sure to find the right fins for you. All of our cressi fins are at guaranteed low prices.
Cressi Palau Snorkelling Fins
£25.95 RRP £29.00
Cressi Frog Plus Fins
£54.95 RRP £75.00
Cressi Agua Swim Training Fins
£24.50 RRP £27.00
Cressi Thor Scuba Diving Fins
£85.00 RRP £94.00
Cressi Thor EBS Fins
£92.50 RRP £108.00
Cressi Reaction Pro Fins
£47.95 RRP £54.00