A Few Definitions

Shorty WetsuitShort arms, finishing just above the elbow and short legs, finishing just above the knee or on the thigh. Shortie’s are ideal for the hotter summer days. Check Out Our Shorty Range:
Men's ShortiesWomen's ShortiesKid's Shorties

Full Wetsuit Full Suits/One Piece Wetsuits/Steamers Sometimes referred to as steamers; a one piece wetsuit with long arms and long legs. There is also short arm wetsuits, short arms finishing just above the elbow or a convertible steamer which has the option of attaching long sleeves to create a long sleeve full suit. Wetsuits are ideal for anyone who would like to be in the water longer and at any time from Spring to Autumn. Check Out Our Full Suit Range :
Men's Full SuitsWomen's Full SuitsKid's Full Suits

Full WetsuitSemi-Dry A full suit with inner ‘seals’ usually around the wrists and ankles to create a more secure seal to reduce/virtually eliminate water flushing through the suit. A longer seal provides a greater reduction in flushing. Usually associated with higher spec suits, thicker suits and for activities requiring less freedom of movement, where retaining thermal protection is critical such as diving. Check Out Our Semi-Dry Range :
Men's WetsuitsWomen's WetsuitsKid's Wetsuits

Swimming WetsuitOpen Water Swimming/Triathlon Wetsuits These wetsuits are specifically designed for swimming being made with a different type of neoprene and geared to providing the swimmer with thermal protection, buoyancy, superb flexibility and additional ‘glide’ through the water. The neoprene used is generally softer and lighter with specific features to provide the swimmer with the optimum wetsuit for swimming.
Swimming Wetsuits