Seam Construction

Flatlock Stitching

Flatlock Stitched Seams
>Flatlock is created by stitching neoprene together, creating a flat seam. This finish is extremely comfortable and durable but can only be used on neoprene up to 3mm and therefore tends to be used on lighter weight wetsuits.

Blind Stitch

Blindstitched Seams
Blindstitching is produced by gluing two edges of neoprene together, followed by stitching across the seam, so not piercing the neoprene. Tape may also be added to stress points for extra strength. This is generally considered a warmer finish. Any wetsuit thicker than 3mm can only be constructed with blindtitched seams.

As wetsuit technology has developed there are now virtually ‘stitchless’ suits. Seams can also be double and/or triple sealed using liquid neoprene reducing materials and making suits increasing lighter. Neoprene is also evolving providing lighter wetsuits, which hold/absorb less water which makes a suit less dense when wet and more comfortable as a result. These features are more associated with top-end surfing wetsuits.

Neck Seals/Wrist Seals/Ankle Seals can be finished using a smooth rubber finish eg: glideskin and is designed to help reduce water flushing in these critical areas. This type of finish is virtually always around the neck seal and in the case of semi-dry suits also around the wrists and ankles.