Watersports Warehouse has been selling wetsuits to watersports enthusiasts for over 28 years from our wetsuit warehouse based in Cornwall in the UK. We have a wide selection of quality wetsuits from leading manufacturers Gul, C-Skins, Mares, Cressi, Typhoon, Gill, Fourth Element and Waterproof Our range of wetsuits provide for virtually every in water experience, whether you need a wetsuit for fun on the beach or scuba diving in cold water. Using a wetsuit enables you to extend your time in the water with the neoprene giving you varying degrees of warmth dependent on the thickness of neoprene, type of construction and importantly the fit of the wetsuit. Wearing a wetsuit also provides protection from the sun when snorkelling, surfing, bodyboarding or just messing about in shallow water. Choosing the correct size of wetsuit is important, as the best fit will give the best thermal protection, all of our wetsuits show the manufacturer's size guide to help you with your choice, please note, a 'large' wetsuit from Gul is likely to be a different size to a large wetsuit from C-Skins so always refer to the size guide available to view on each wetsuit page.

It's generally true that the more expensive the wetsuit among the ranges we stock, the more effective it is likely to be, both in thermal protection and flexibility. A blindstitched wetsuit for example will be warmer simply because the water only enters the wetsuit at the openings, a more basic flatlock wetsuit will allow water in through the seams. The more simple and perhaps lower priced wetsuit, however, may be all you need for a bit of boarding or messing about with the kids at the beach during the summer. At Watersports Warehouse we offer a wide selection of Junior wetsuits to fit toddlers through to teenagers, our selection from Gul and C-Skins offer a wetsuit for all ages and from basic wetsuits through to blindstitched all season wetsuits. For more information and advice on choosing the correct type of wetsuit take a look at our 'choosing your wetsuit' guide.